Full Basement Renovations

We offer 20 years of experience in home renovation business

The basement is the foundation of the entire house, so it needs to be the most stable, durable, and expertly designed area. It takes years of experience to gain expertise in such a service, and AKC Group has it.

You won’t have to worry about a thing while we overlook your house’s full basement renovations.
AKC Group can help with different kinds of basement renovations. For example, our team can help frame the basement, make it livable for renting purposes, add a bathroom and kitchen, and even make it accessible for differently-abled individuals.

From the wooden beams to insulation, providing plumbing and electricity outlets in the basement, remodeling to make it look more modern, or giving it any design, our experienced team can help you achieve the look you want with ease.

Creating an elevator in the basement is great for households with differently-abled individuals. By creating an accessible basement, they can enter the house and have a portion of their personal needs. In addition, differently-abled individuals can use the elevator to access the different floors with ease.

Many people like to use their basements for recreational purposes. Building an in-home theatre, a suite room, a playroom, a gym, or any familial need can be fulfilled. With our team of skilled engineers, we can design and create a room that can be used as a space of fun and entertainment.
If your full basement renovation only includes painting, redesigning walls, and changing the tiles, we can help you achieve a perfectly fitting aesthetic that removes the creepy basement vibes.

Great use of the basement is to use it as a hall for parties. In a sound-proof basement that we install for you, you can put on the loudest music or play your video games all night; there won’t be a single-family member complaining.

Ensuring that your space is rid of the musty basement smell, we can help install windows for more sunlight and better ventilation. The big windows will also help the space look less gloomy, giving it a livelier and more welcoming vibe.

AKC Group can help change the structure, the aesthetic, and the beauty of your house to make it more functional while it remains gorgeous. Our skilled and highly trained team can help you turn your basement into a fully running space so that it is no longer a mysterious place that everyone avoids.

Our team works with precision and meticulously to get the results you desire. So, you bring the ideas, refine them together, and watch your ideas turn to reality.


Getting a home renovation isn’t always a walk in the park. For many, it can include serious amounts of stress, uncertainty, and fear of wasting the hard-earned efforts and resources put into the project. When those feelings extend beyond the scope of the project itself, into the pending credibility of the contracting company you’re considering hiring, the situation can seem dire. What makes us different? We too, are a contracting company that does home/commercial renovations, functioning as a successful business. However, what makes us different is why we do what we do.

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